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image"Myself for Dummies". Prologue

Miguel de Cervantes wrote in his "Don Quixote" that every person is responsible for his/her realities in life. I believe that this book is in some areas a real confirmation of this sentence, it is a compilation of daily needs in the life of a human being. I wrote the book drawing from more than just different personal experiences, it’s philosophy, love, belonging, loneliness, disillusion, religion, history, communism, my imagination, sex, social situation in US and even jokes and irony itself, common denominators in each person living in our planet today. This book is me, my personality. It’s about what life has done to me and, of course, about what I have done to life. But please let me tell you that I am not a writer, although I really enjoy writing and reading. Cuba had Fulgencio Batista, an incompetent capitalist dictator before Fidel Castro. At that time my poor father always dreamed of publishing articles and books. He died without accomplishing it, the Cuban society forced him to become a full time silent person so he just failed. Then Fidel Castro, whom I call Emperor Castro the First, took control of the country, the enthusiast Cubans approved his changes. I was also a walking failure in the island because I simply inherited my father’s dream. But I do not feel a nil person in North America, that’s why you are visiting my web site now. The Cubans running away from planes bound to Russia in Gander, Newfoundland, Canada, occupied a big part of this book. They requested political asylum in Canada. I was one of those Cubans. There are many different topics in this book, I will be extremely happy if you laugh. I will consider myself an English speaking writer if I make you think while reading my book. Two Noble prize winners have influenced a lot in my life: Lord Bertrand Russell and Jean Paul Sartre. The humility of Mahatma Gandhi impresses me even today. Like Socrates I say "I only know that I know nothing" I will be proud of myself if you read my book.


Beny Rey

Literature works

"Myself for Dummies", Amazon eReaders, US

"Vivir es Esto", Dunken Editorial, Argentina